Definition of:

Morphogenesis- noun- the formation and differentiation of tissues and organs.

Morphogenesis is a lot like neuroplasticity. If you put good things into your system, then you will reap great benefits. For morphogenesis to fix what is broken, try eliminating elements that caused the problem.

Morphogenesis will fix anything like neuroplasticity also fixes neurons. Personally, I thank God on this Sunday that I am healthy. I agree with this concept of a overall healthy lifestyle and 6-8 hours of sleep. When this 6-8 hours of sleep becomes difficult then take frequent cat naps, but set your alarm and get up.

My goal is to step it up and strive for 7-8 hours of sleep every night. The least is 6.5 hours in a night. Last night was an exception because I had 9 hours of sleep. This is my norm on the weekends. I turn on my soft music and go to sleep. Last night no lie, it was hip hop and I fell asleep. Some people probably think it is difficult to do that, but on the weekends it makes me pass out for hours. I guess that is my morphogenesis in progress.

WIN_20180311_09_30_32_Pro (2)


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