Definition of refresh-verb-  restore strength and animation.

Once upon a time, there was an individual that was torn between two worlds.  This individual wanted to feel the best of two worlds, the good and the bad.  Unfortunately,  this individual did not realize that life got too real, for they were surrounded by the worse people after hours.  In the day time, this individual  appeared really holy, but after hours the worse came out in every way.

Suddenly, this individual was forced to turn over a new leaf.  The question was how did they do it.


Every individual has a need to feel refreshed at some point in time.  The question is how do you refresh after a breaking point.

Today is a day to feel refreshed and renewed.  Learn to balance the equation in this down to earth quantum mechanics related book of blossoming into a human butterfly like individual.  Learn to grow to your fullest potential into a fully refreshed individual.  Learn to grow and don’t return to your breaking point.  Instead grow into an even more beautiful heart individual with a pure innocence that is perceived as sultry yet pure in nature.

Everyone has a right to feel refreshed and honored.  Click on the link to learn more:


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