Definition and example.

Exonerate- to unburden

So many people should be exonerated of some financial obligations due to inflation.  The cost of living seems to be going up daily as evidenced by the market.   I am still trying to understand how the 30 year mortgages are going up yet it does not keep up with the cost of living.  I do understand that we all need to survive, but to exonerate individuals of some responsibility does make sense.

Some ways already exist such as to exonerate individuals of financial burdens that teach in an urban area, but some people are not that fortunate.   Exercise some responsibility to help yourself become exonerated at some time or another.


Another way to become exonerated is to clear from blame or accusation.  I am so tired of individuals not being exonerated when clearly they were blamed due to abuse of power.   Then what happens, they are either wrongfully accused.  Life can be so unfair for some people.  Exoneration can only occur with proof beyond a reasonable doubt.


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