Dry Individuals

To come off as dry is to not be completely funny or serious all of the time. According to House Wives of Atlanta, Candy comes off as dry. They flew all the way to Barcelona and told her this news.

To be dry is not really a bad thing. At times a lot of people come off as dry when people around them are just as dry. Many times dry people are just bored of the idiosyncratic people around them that do dry things. Dryness can rub off on the most wonderful people, especially when they are into substances that are toxic to your body.

Do not get offended when individuals call another dry. More than likely the person who said it are just as dry in affect. Not be totally exciting, silly, or serious.

Do you know anyone with a dry affect? Have you been called dry at some point?

I remember year ago, an individual was called dry and took it out on earning a better life. One can learn from this experience. People come and go, sometimes, one must know when to move on to earn a better circumstance.



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