Pain and Abuse

Has pain tripled in the world. According the CNBC there is a stigma that has hurt many people due to morals. These individuals once given a legal opiods become addicted to street drugs. 3-21-2018

In my opinion, pain can be reduced by learning to tolerate some of the pain. One has to teach their body how to readjust pain receptors in the body. Try to see how your body feels, before you run to an individual that specializes on pain management, and learn a new alternative to what you would have been prescribed.

  1. exercise and stretch
  2. rest
  3. replace the thought of pain with something fun that can cost you almost nothing.
  4. Have positive thoughts.

Have a goal that you stick to weekly. Aspire to become pain and abuse free. Relax and learn not to be up tight, but remember that at the end you are the most important individual.


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