Happy Birthday

I remember watching Charmed years ago on Cw11 NYC. One person on the show said, celebrate your birthday every year and be thankful. Well basically that was the point.

I love my mother so much that words alone do not describe how much. I do not have much, but I would give her my last if I had to. I am so grateful for my mother. Happy birthday and many more.

If I missed any birthdays, Happy birthday to you and many more blessings to come.

May all your dreams and wishes come true.

C. S. Gonzalez.


Exercise Tip #2

Focus on posture.  During work hours get up and move a little during transitions. You can shake your sillies out too.  Work is the best place to make an impact.  Lead by example.

Today I exercised with little people.  We jumped, hopped, and danced indoors.  It helps to reduce some jitteriness and improves focus.  Model posture during these activities and you have a great routine.

During your down time do it again by yourself.  Before you know it you will complete your 30 minute goal between meals.


Early Learning: Taking Action

The action you take makes a difference over time. How far are you willing to go to make a difference? There is no time to wait. Take action today.

Need assistance in helping with communication, cognitive, or any other area?


Please donate to:

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Thank you…

With each donation you will earn a beautiful future for early learners and receive a picture from little inviduals learning to become avid learners. Help a early learners enjoy a better future.

Tired of seeing the establishment being overcrowded with individuals doing the wrong thing. By helping individuals obtain a positive self fulfilling prophecy and reducing negativity and Mens Reas we can build a better society.