Reducing Stigma One Moment at a Time

Help little people reduce stigma among themselves by allowing them to play with one another in a safe and unified manner. They are never too young to visit a friend who may have a special need. They are no different from anyone else. They just learn different.

I can remember being exposed to children with special needs at a very young age. Now as I am older, I see that it helped with my career choice as an educator. If you or someone you know suspect that they have an infant or toddler with a special need, send an email to

I can help you with early intervention services to help your child with the domains of early learning. Benefits will be life long learning and enduring knowledge. This applies to the state of NJ only. However, I can provide a consultation online if you are not in NJ for a small fee.

If your child is a little older or in school. I can help tutor your child. I can tutor your child online also if you are not in the Essex County area of NJ.


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