Strong Wind Alert

Natural disasters are inevitable. Mother Nature does what it wants. The winds were so strong that all I said was get home safe, because strong winds are something one can not sleep on.

Strong winds can cause injury and it happened in NYC by MSG. An accident due to code issues that one can not control. However power lines probably fell in our own back yard.

Maybe this was a sign that we should have made this a state of emergency. However, with inflation many of us have to keep working. Especially during this struggling market.

Decisions need to be made for the greater good. These are changing times. Strong winds can feel like it is blowing a light individuals away. It’s dangerous and may make an asthmatic take their breathe away. So many health issues can arise.

Dangerous strong winds can hurt. The next time you feel strong winds think about it first. Do you have a real reason for risking your life. If you can make up your work in an alternative way even better.


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