Social Problem: Workplace Harassment

Policy after policy can be written. Camera after camera can be installed. It continues to exist in many places of employment.

You can complain. Stay silent for some time. You can even quit, but it continues to haunt you in silence.

Work place harassment is straight up sexual harassment most of the time. It is not ok. Contact civil rights department where proof beyond a reasonable doubt is needed. They have to learn.

The remedy:

Be in control of your own destiny. Crazy things may happen for some, but do not let them prevail. Use the civil rights remedy if you feel it is worth it.

If finding a new job helps, then search for something in your field of expertise. Some people suffer in silence for a very long time. They find the job of their dreams years later.

Unfortunately, some goes unreported or ignored. It is unfortunate when good workers go. However, support is often priceless.

I thank my lucky stars that my place of employment is safer than ever.


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