Basic Rules of Survival

I was sitting here comparing concepts.

Money, Power, Respect


Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Love


Social Darwinism

The first concept sounds like trouble. Chasing this is the cause of many individuals going into a state of emptiness. The minute it goes downhill for you it all disappears.

The second concept is attained by taking baby steps. It should not feel like work. If you are happy then all things occur naturally. Your immune system will be strong enough to do something to earn wealth like live and attract what ever you want.

In time power may come in terms of power over what you want to do with your life. You can earn the respect needed to keep yourself and loved ones happy. Hopefully the struggles to attain money for survival diminish.

However, basic needs are essential such as food, water, and shelter, yet do many are left chasing things that are unattainable at the moment. This leaves people to suffer due to greed. A charity does not always come in the structure of brick and mortar. When was the last time you gave.

If more people gave and stopped second guessing then we would have a world that was like a Utopia. However, because people have like their wall up they don’t give people a chance to survive and acclimate to society. They are so used to dividing and conquering that people in theor own community are suffering in silence.

The secure way to survive a great life is with not only basic needs but the second concept. Money depletes over time,and everything can go downhill. However as long as you keep happiness everything else will align. Be happy with basic principles.

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The Beauty of Disparity

The beauty of being a US Citizen is that we honor the freedom of being different. On Memorial Day, think about what makes you disparate, and share how it helped you over time. I think that as a US Citizen we evolve into a different culture across timespans.

Disparity also occurs in family. This is why a comparison is not warranted. One may become disparate for many reasons that go far beyond genetics.

The beauty of being disparate is that we may honor it and learn from one another. It does not make you less than anyone else. It just means that we have different talents.

Tantrums vs Argumentative

As children, we begin with tantrums. If we let it go long enough it turns nto becoming argumentative. Sometimes we tend to blow things out of proportion. A tantrum can be handled appropriately to reduce the chances of turning into an argumentative individual with no control.

Some people are taught food resolves these things. What happens when obesity arises? There are other ways.

The challenge for everyone you blew up on today, do 10 reps. For example, for three times 30 reps of exercise. Then drink water.

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Early learning communication #3




All donations will go towards education. This book can be found on Amazon or your favorite book retailer. Raising money for supplies for infants and toddlers with disabilities. For just $5.00 you can help an infant or a toddler grow into a successful member of society for a better future for all.



Carmen S. Gonzalez


I am a self-motivated and energetic individual who aspires to obtain a position where my skills and abilities can benefit the company.


M.S. Ed. In Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 2006-2008

Walden University Online Format

4.0 GPA, BA Psychology 2001-2003

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey Newark, NJ

3.1 GPA A.S. in Social Science 2000-2001

Essex County College Newark, NJ

3.14 GPA: Poetry Club Member

Standard Certificate, Elementary School Teacher (K-5), 2010

Standard Certificate, Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Bloomfield College, 2010

Certificate of Eligibility, Preschool- Grade 3 July 2008


Special Educator 1/2017 to Present

Lee’s Developmental Services South Orange, NJ

Provide early intervention services for children ages birth to three years old. To teach infants communication and cognitive skills that are appropriate for their developmental needs. To provide consultation and translation services to families. To provide self- help strategies to children and their families. To provide services in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and developmental intervention.

-worked with infants and toddlers with down syndrome, autism, and developmental delays

Preschool Teacher Three Stages Preschool

10/16- 12/16 East Orange, NJ

Provide instruction and assessments to students that are three to five years old.

Preschool teacher Preschool of America

9/2015 to 11/2015 NYC,NY

Provide instruction to children ages 3 to 4. Prepare lessons that are developmentally appropriate. Keep a safe and sanitized classroom.

Teacher 2008- 2015

Newark Public Schools Newark, NJ

Provide instruction to general education students. Prepare lessons that are developmentally appropriate and that align with the NJ standards. Prepare students for standardized testing. Create assessments that inform instruction. Partner with the Children’s Literacy Initiative as the model teacher for the Newark Public Schools. Facilitate meetings during grade level meetings by modeling best practices in teaching with peers. Modify, accommodate, and adapt instruction for students with special needs. Provide instruction in technology, literacy, and math for students in preschool as well as fine and gross motor play.

Child Development Specialist 3/2010 – 1/2011

Lee’s Developmental Services South Orange, NJ

Provide early intervention services for children ages birth to three years old. To teach infants communication and cognitive skills that are appropriate for their developmental needs.

-worked with infants and toddlers with down syndrome, autism, and developmental delays

Teacher assistant for Special Education 1/2005 – 12/2008

Provide one to one educational assistance to students in preschool to grade 2. Assist with the Sonday Reading System, guided reading program, DRA assessments, teaching students mnemonic techniques, mathematics, writing, phonemic awareness, social studies, science, health, computers, and assigned skills blocks, assist staff with enforcing the rituals and routines of the school. Write lesson plans and implement them for second grade special needs students. Provide substitute teaching services as needed. Assist with successful mainstreaming into a regular education classroom or into the least restrictive environment.


Midtown Staffing Solutions 10HR General Industry 2015

Bilingual in English and Spanish

Tutor (Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, English, Math, Spanish, Social Studies, Science, Computers)

Mentoring (Elementary, Middle School, High School, and juveniles on probation)

Computer Skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet Search, Power Teacher)

Published Works


-The Official Hood Survival Manual- Staying Safe in the Streets (Co-authored)

-What to do during times of economic hardships

-Hair Survival Guide 101

-The Smart Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

References Available Upon Request