Depression vs Overworked

According to #TheResident on #Fox5, there is a difference between depression and being overworked. When an individual is depressed they feel doomed and hopeless. When they are overworked they can become negligent. The combination of both needs some time for a break or face total abandonment of dreams or totally destructing of themselves. Have you ever felt overworked and misdiagnosed?

At times, depression can make you feel like quicksand. With proper precautions it can be helped. However, it is not legal to take advantage or discriminate according to The Law of Vocational Rehabilitation 1973, HR 8070. Everyone has a legal right to the same opportunities, although it may sound a little communistic and archaic. It is perfectly democratic.

How far you are willing to work is up to the individual. It is not alright to over exert your energy, but it is not alright to be taken advantage of ones services and not wanting to pay up. Discriminating against someone’s pay is not cool and is illegally overworking. This can lead to clinical depression with time. When this occurs, then you learn to separate certain relationships.

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For more information go to “The Smart Guide to Overcoming Depression”, By C S Gonzalez.

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