Passion vs Punishment

Do you have a passion for your current situation or are you punishing yourself? To have a passion for something means that you are willing to work day and night on your craft. However, at times you are punishing yourself because your heart is not into it, and you are going nowhere.

As an educator, you may have learned most of what you know on the job from other professionals and through observations if you are lucky. Most people learned from their first teacher who was very passionate about what they do. I learned from my mother, a very successful individual and educator in many areas of learning.

One day, I discovered that I was punishing myself early in my career in college. I kept pondering on the fact of what if I am not happy until I got the freshman blues. Years later, I learned that I am really passionate at what I do and I enjoy my work. The best part is that I reconnected with my mentor and I get to see her every day where I get prepped before each session if I need it.

You have to be passionate for what you are doing in life or risk the horrendous feeling of being punished. To feel punished is similar to the feeling of how you feel when you are not successful and fail an exam. This can have some people feeling down if it happens over and over again. More than likely it happens when the passion is gone.

How far are you willing to go to reach your passion? Would you try self help? Would you search for additional support? Share your story.


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