Thought of the day

When a child asks you about other children that you work with and their behavior, then assume that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Chances are that they also have a lot of bad days. They may also have behavior issues.

According to mens rea they have a guilty mind by age 7. Should this law be altered?

As an educator I have witnessed tons of mens rea issues. Nurturing a child out of mens rea issues can help tons of people that want to see them do well.

I am attempting to raise money for individuals who have children with mens rea issues. Please donate to

www.paypal me/ServiciosDeLasCarmen/5

For every donation earned it will go towards a child that is so young that they don’t feel it’s a problem, but it helps them not become a juvenile delinquent. I will continue to write books for children that have reading issues or other learning problems so that jails do not get overcrowded.

Any donation will help. My dream is to make literacy education accessible to children with mens rea issues before it is too late.

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