Diversity and Stability

Cultural Assimilation is the idea of what it means to take full part in a culture or society and their ideas and information. Clearly when we do not understand the law then someone can make a mistake. A leader should be unbiased for our own good.

According to the law, it is not ok to exclude. Building a wall is a form of radical exclusion. By doing this people are clearly making a mistake.

To separate family is not only harsh but also a form of exclusion. It is bigotry. It is immoral and inhumane. It can be labeled as cruel and unusual punishment.

People need to think positive and exercise the right to vote. So many people came out to vote but so many people did nit. This is a big mistake, because we truly need to exercise our rights.

Moral courage is when you challenge a view with a purpose. We have a right to free speech, but have a positive message. I am convinced that change will come once we take a stance as positive and productive members that are culturally assimilated with high standards of diversity and empowerment. We need more stability that is unbiased.

Based on #CNN 6-26-2018


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