Monopolies still exists in today’s economy. The reason is due to the lack of response through coming together. Lately, I have been feeling really down yet no one will ever understand. I am so tired of monopolies in my community.

What are some monopolies that you have noticed?


Dream Killers and Survivors

Imagine life suddenly changing and instead of living check to check, you can live a great life.  Sometimes the best ideas come when your mind is at rest.  You are in a state of silos.  You can think and grow rich with ideas that are profitable.

Try my new book, “The Smart Guide to Overcoming Dream Killers”, by C S Gonzalez.

Dream Killers can be anywhere.  These are the individuals that want you to enable them.  Instead of passing up all you got encourage them by cutting a few strings a day.  They will thank you later.

Learn this system and no longer feel disappointed with your livelihood at stake a the same time.  Believe that you can survive on your own despite your situation.  Work hard and play hard in this game of life.

Obstacles may occur, but they can be conquered.  Mistakes are made but most of the time they can be corrected.  Dreams are not killed at this point, they come true.

Sometimes funds do not become available to all of us due to personal circumstances.  There is help available and your dreams of living comfortable can come to life.  Ask and you shall receive, but do not say a closed mouth does not get fed, because this can become offensive to some.

Help is different from enabling.  You are enabling an individual when you are sucking yourself dry without a direct solution.  Help is when you give ideas and you lead the horse to the water by guiding them.

Dream Killers are those that enable and do not help.  They suck you dry of all you have then they can not help you all grow.

We can all be guilty of all the above.

One can learn to build themselves up by using their hobby as a crutch.  At this point you are no longer a dream killer, but you are a survivor.  You are living out your dream without the crutch of being enabled or pulled down.  You are burning no bridges.  Your are keeping everyone content.

Have a plan in place for dream killers and you have overcome your battles.  Go to your favorite bookstore or Amazon and request:

The Smart Guide to Overcoming Dream Killers- Lessons Learned from Survivors by C. S. Gonzalez.


Thank you for your time.