How can someone be doing a heckuva job after a series of natural and man-made disasters. Puerto Rico I am sure still needs help from the USA. In Puerto Rico, people were not only living impoverished and unable to fix their homes, but unless you are a survivor you would never know.

The Establishment needs a new action plan.

No electricity, no food, bad water, it is not Puerto Rico’s fault. Lives are gone due to a poor action plan on behalf of the Establishment.

Before a storm, we need to have supplies that can support our basic needs on a budget. Building homes that are to code is important. No assets no problem, sometimes we have to live below our means. Now is the time to put everything to practice.

People forget, but hurricane season is here once again. We need to move forward and prepare our homes while multitasking and fixing Puerto Rico. We all need to be alert, because Hurricane season is here and it can hit us unexpectedly.

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Early Learning Communication

When a child does not respond, it may be because they are delayed.  Understand that sometimes some delays last longer than others.  Ultimately the goal is to eventually grow out of it, but be patient.

Early learning and communication issues can be resolved with baby signing, but continue to use other strategies that have been working in the past.  Do you have a need for early intervention services for your child?  Do you know someone that may have a need for services.

Contact serviciosdelascarmen@gmail.com


Thank you for your time.  Once again, please donate to keep this work going.


All donations will go towards education. This book can be found on Amazon or your favorite book retailer. Raising money for supplies for infants and toddlers with disabilities. For just $5.00 you can help an infant or a toddler grow into a successful member of society for a better future for all.


How to Overcome Depression…


Depression is a real predicament. It causes you to have resentment and anger against people who you’d never had negative feelings against. The best way to overcome depression is to be around people you love. If they act weird around you then don’t take it personal.

  • Loss of anything or anyone you love
  • Being broke
  • Alcohol and drug abuse

Can lead to depression, but it may be resolved.

Inflation- Social Problem

It is sad how inflation is still a predicament. The rich get richer leaving many to suffer due to lack of a support system. One way to stop inflation is by helping a loved one, but even though we try it comes back to haunt us.

I have learned that sometimes help is enough even through inflation. Help but do not enable one because then they will feel helpless. Inflation is a temporary predicament that can be fixed.

Once we realize that not everyone is making 5 or 6 figures a year then we will become fair. Lower the cost by increasing a demand for more without hurting yourself at the same time. Another alternative can be to increase the supply and keep your cost but where is your growth if it is too high then adjust.

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