Early Learning Communication

When a child does not respond, it may be because they are delayed.  Understand that sometimes some delays last longer than others.  Ultimately the goal is to eventually grow out of it, but be patient.

Early learning and communication issues can be resolved with baby signing, but continue to use other strategies that have been working in the past.  Do you have a need for early intervention services for your child?  Do you know someone that may have a need for services.

Contact serviciosdelascarmen@gmail.com


Thank you for your time.  Once again, please donate to keep this work going.


All donations will go towards education. This book can be found on Amazon or your favorite book retailer. Raising money for supplies for infants and toddlers with disabilities. For just $5.00 you can help an infant or a toddler grow into a successful member of society for a better future for all.



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