How can someone be doing a heckuva job after a series of natural and man-made disasters. Puerto Rico I am sure still needs help from the USA. In Puerto Rico, people were not only living impoverished and unable to fix their homes, but unless you are a survivor you would never know.

The Establishment needs a new action plan.

No electricity, no food, bad water, it is not Puerto Rico’s fault. Lives are gone due to a poor action plan on behalf of the Establishment.

Before a storm, we need to have supplies that can support our basic needs on a budget. Building homes that are to code is important. No assets no problem, sometimes we have to live below our means. Now is the time to put everything to practice.

People forget, but hurricane season is here once again. We need to move forward and prepare our homes while multitasking and fixing Puerto Rico. We all need to be alert, because Hurricane season is here and it can hit us unexpectedly.

#CNN #Heckuvajob


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