Helping Children with Disabilities


Learn tips and ideas for helping children with and without disabilities to grow and learn about things that matter to them the most.  Most children want to learn certain topics of interest, however they are not ever taught in a traditional setting or collection.  Make this book part of your collection and see how your child will grow with enduring knowledge.  All subjects that are rarely talked about in school in this much detail are taught here.  Challenge yourself to sing these stories for even more fun by using your favorite melody as a guide.

Miss Carmen’s Mind Mechanics has gotten a thumbs up by many students and families birth to age 3.  Language skills and cognitive skills soared in less than a year.







All donations will go towards education. This book can be found on Amazon or your favorite book retailer. Raising money for supplies for infants and toddlers with disabilities. For just $5.00 you can help an infant or a toddler grow into a successful member of society for a better future for all.