Violent Crimes and HR 6691 is vague

The definition of violent crime is vague. Something as simple as a shove is listed as a violent crime. There needs to be a sense of clarity. People need to be given a second chance, or fear a new era of slavery with our people working for illegal pay behind bars.

It is illegal to have no due process. No one should have to spend their entire life without being able to seek clemency when combined with a crime of violence especially if it was not their fault. Violent crimes need a program because no one wants to be labeled as a felon when they are trying to live right.

I do not think this bill should be rushed. People can be banished if they have a problem. For example PTSD as a veteran with a violent crime can be a problem but can be resolved in other ways other than being put into prison or banishment.

Crimes of violence should be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Many times brute force is hearsay testimony. If an individual goes to court against the majority as a minority they often get fried in court.

Violent Crimes are ugly crimes but these people do not stay this way. Most of the time they are very young and at the wrong place at the wrong time. They are often around the wrong crowd. If they are alone then they get caught up in heresay.

Vagueness is scary. Most people in prison are African American and Latino Men and Women. I agree with Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas. There is racial disparity. People get caught up and get deported as veterans. This is unfair. It is cruel and unusual.

Some violent Crimes are mislabeled. People are in prison for violent Crimes when they could have been in a program.

This bill leads to mass incarceration. This is illegal. This is not the answer.






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