How to avoid a relapse: insomnia sleep aids.

There is nothing like a good night of rest. Insomnia is a serious condition that often comes with a price if left unattended. Always seek a doctor’s advice if you believe you have insomnia.

Insomnia can be avoided if you have experienced it in the past. Sometimes it is a matter of diet. For others it is the need to meditate on positive energy. Try to minimize stress and retrain your mind.

In a perfect world, sleep should be about 6-8 hours or risk a bad sleep pattern that leads to insomnia. Insomnia can make one moody and sick in many ways that can even lead to long term effects. It can ruin your entire life and career.

Insomnia sleep aids do harm your body in some ways, but it is all experimental at the end. Always keep track of your symptoms and side effects in a journal. Dreams or lucid dreams should be included.

Insomnia is not a condition that should be ignored. Always seek advice from a professional. If you are sleeping less hours something needs to change. Do not self medicate with drugs and or alcohol or make matters worse.


How to Help Climate Change…

  1. Walk more often.
  2. Reduce, reuse, recycle
  3. Unplug
  4. Turn off lights.
  5. Carpool
  6. Go 24 hours without electronics
  7. Try to make meals that don’t require cooking with heat more often.
  8. Put less toxins into the environment… Ex. Smoke less, less aerosol, etc …
  9. Use natural products.
  10. Donate to a cause that can help.
  11. Vote or risk total extinction. Democracy starts with you. Do not forget about voting this year.

How to Feel Brand New on a Strict Budget…

There are many ways to feel better without breaking the bank or a home.

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  1. Shop at a dollar store more often for things you ordinarily would break the bank for
  2. Use coupons and discount cards.
  3. Go with a list or idea if you tend to be disappointed with the end result.
  4. Put the rest in savings that you do not have to spend.
  5. Donate a portion of to a cause.