Depression vs Crying Spells: Solutions

There is a difference between depression and crying spells. Depression is long termed for periods of weeks extended into years. Crying spells happen sporadically as a result of something sad or anger provoking. Both can make you feel some what hopeless.

Depression is not a joke. It can be very debilitating. While crying spells may occasionally occur, no one wants a pity party just a solution is enough.

Solutions when a doctor or therapist is unavailable:

  1. Explore a creative side.
  2. Read for spiritual healing.
  3. Meditate on something positive.
  4. Reevaluate the situation
  5. Talk it out with your journal by writing.

When things break down try to think of what triggered it and address the trigger gradually. Do not involve unhealthy practices like drinking alcohol and smoking or doing drugs like marijuana. Due to dopamine and serotonin reuptake inhibitors your brain will go into a trance that can kill you or cause an intense major depressive state. This will slowly shut your body down causing a whirlwind of problems with your health. These unhealthy practices will cause you to lose your job, family will be in existent at times due to not being able to communicate with you while intoxicated, you can lose it all, etc…

Adults have difficulty regulating their emotions during a depressive state. We need to realize that anyone can get to that point. They sleep more than half the day. They find happiness in the wrong places.

Do something that you like to do. It should cost nothing. Reach out to your family and loved ones. Find a happy medium in terms of what you expose yourself to.

Everyone cries. Everyone gets sad at times. Everyone gets angry and provoked unintentionally. It’s all in how we manage it.


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Next week Thursday is Thanksgiving. We may not have much but be thankful for what you have done this year and for family chosen or not.

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Sometimes when we are young we do not have values that are becoming to the next generation. Be thankful that you were guided once upon a time. Sometimes we become defensive but who are we to hold back freedom of the press and expression.

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