Letting Go of the Past

At times,  we need to let go of the past, to grab hold of the future.  To not talk about the past is to repress it, but to others it is not letting go of those skeletons that help us grow into who we are.   Very spiritual people may just see or witness some things as reincarnate moments.


However, you move on from your past life, know that you do not want to harm your future in the process.  Learn new ways to cope with things that may bother you.  Tell those that you care about how you feel because tomorrow is not promised.


My new year’s resolution is to let go of some of my past to make room for the future.  Some may disagree, but when you are reminded of certain things all of the time it brings about terrible things like depression and hurt.  What is your New Year’s Resolution and what are you going to do to make it work?   I plan on writing a little more than I did in 2018.


Charitable Donations

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Reaction to Samson

If more individuals remained humble and fearing God, the world would be a different place. Samson was kind, peaceful, and powerful in his own right. I recommend this movie to anyone that is looking to watch an example of the right way to live.

Samson and the Hebrews were hungry but they never gave up on their mission. They confirmed that God didn’t want them to remain stagnant. Ultimately they defeated an evil history that plagued them.

It was a little late when I watched this movie, but I remained alert. This movie can be found on Netflix.


Thank you for your donation and time.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is very important. Some call it New year’s resolution. Others say it sets them up for the rest of the year.

Start small for 2019 and keep a record so you know you made it.

For example:

  • My goal is to take less days off from work.
  • To finally collect my payments that have been owed for over 5 years in return for a favor.
  • To start a new project and finish successfully.
  • To exercise 5 times weekly.
  • To eat healthier meals on a budget.
  • To talk to or spend more quality time with loved ones.

By not setting a huge goal you will be less disappointed at the end of the year.

What is your goal for the year?