This is the reason I stay reserved. I never did dating apps either. Life is too short to do stupid things like this.

If you have ever experienced a hit it and go experience and it felt deadly then you know what it was. Stay home and stay away from people like that above link. Do not talk to strangers or meet them if you want to live. Fairy tale is a fairy tale of lies.

Stay real. Real safe that is stay home, go to work, and start over again. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

If you have to conduct business then Kee it business in the public eye and do not disrespect your loved one and not expect to get what you deserve.

Karma is the meanest gangster known to man…. MG

I agree. Don’t test me. Do you know if you even quiz me you will fail.


Emotional Wellness

Some people choose pets. Other individuals need space from the entire world. People who don’t have time for a pet find other avenues for emotional well being and stress relief if they don’t feel like being a burden.

  • Work out
  • Communicate with people you know in real life that are not already married or in a relationship.
  • Work a real career
  • Go to school and learn.

I stay away from my online encounters, because staying safe is important. Use common sense, because people can get hurt really bad. If you get lonely and feel empty then find a hobby that is all you. You will thank yourself better. It reduces problems and you won’t feel like you are a burden on others.

Emotional wellness is the opposite of emotional vampire. Wellness is being able to survive on your own. On the other hand an emotional vampire is a trouble maker.

The next time you are feeling like a burden, stay away from the phone. Do not call the wrong person or risk getting hurt. More than likely you are not emotionally equipped. Find a hobby that is healthy or get a job, or go to school and learn.

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Social media experience…

How many times have you witnessed a major cleaning?


  • Be respectful
  • Be responsible
  • Be educated

My first assignment as an educator has taught me that little people are like sponges. Teach the next generation of little people the right thing through modeling and demonstration. A selfie or a cat walk is nothing if you are exhibiting negative behavior or actions.

A dm is more public than you think. An email is worse.

As viral as a disease.


Mediocrity is not good enough…

When one door closes, you will open up a better one. These are the words of my father years ago. He never lied, because I am definitely happier than I have ever been about my career choice.

Never cry over something unless someone you love is sick and on their last string. Once they are gone it’s too late. You should have cried when you had them in your life, because now it’s too late.

Never halfway do something, but complete your mission. If you have helped one person then you have accomplished your goal. Today I will remain focused on my goals. My goal is to do my job all the way without halfway doing anything. I don’t believe in mediocre. I never did for it is not good enough.

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