Baby steps in accomplishments

Accomplishments do not happen overnight. If they seem like they do then it’s like muscle memory because your mind and body have been working on it for a long time.

Therapy is not any different for infants and toddlers. Following a plan is just as important as working with the individual. Anything less is a disservice to the family especially the child.

Do not be pessimistic about development of the whole child. I have seen so many transitions in the development of many infants and toddlers in a short amount of time.

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Breakthrough in Therapy for Infants and Toddlers

Consistency is the key to seeing growth. When we become too impatient seeing healthy development is impossible. We have all been late bloomers in one or more areas in our life at some point or another.

There are some ways to make therapy work that are non- negotiatiable. These are strategies that have worked that a wise teacher once said should always be part of someone’s repertoire. Part of it is in the book,

This book I’m glad to say has gotten great reviews and the infants and toddlers enjoy it, because it is interactive.

These books not only help literacy development but also facilitate a bond between family members, build friendships, and more.

Importance of books and learning tools

Toys are important but learning toys are developmentally appropriate for toddlers with or without a special need. These toys and book were selected for a child to learn communication skills and following one step commands. They help hand eye coordination, teach colors, matching and more.

However, one can do so much for a child with these tools. They can last a life time and help them as they get into pre school and beyond.

All about birds was written because a lot of toddlers like birds. It helps reduce some anxiety if they have a fear of animals. It has games, songs, coloring pages, stories and more. It doesn’t break the bank at the same time. It prepares children as the whole child grows because we are reading to the child in a dual language while also teaching some baby sign language at the same time for understanding.

Do not think about finances at this point, but the well being and future of a toddler.

All about birds

Reflection of week ending 7-20-2019 with Servicios De Las Carmen in the world of EI

This week in the world of EI,  I created a form that you can actually see in the previous post for child A.   This form was created in order to encourage families to participate.   Families would express their concerns since last visits or successes.   Special Educator would review the goal that child would be working on.  Family would express anything else they would like to cover.  Family would receive a modeled demonstration on how to help their child.  At the end we would reflect on anything that could further help the child.


For some it would feel like more of a consultation than a lesson, but all families benefited from this teacher created form.  This form was given great verbal reviews.  It is cost effective and keeps everyone accountable for learning.


This week we have worked on the importance of building a partnership to benefit the whole child.  Involving the family is important while maintaining an honest and focused agenda.  This form helps to keep everyone on track while consulting the family with goal directed behavior that works.  This week we have all learned that most children are ready to move on to the next goal, but for some that need proof this form shows evidence.


If a periodic review is needed, then with consistency this form can keep a teacher practitioner focused and everyone else on the same playing field so that it is less stressful during a meeting or conversation about a child that is receiving services.   The next time that you are in need of support in your classroom or home and you are working with a child then try the Goals Worksheet for IFSP/IEP support and evidence use under classroom forms.

Sample Work Form by Servicios De Las Carmen… Child A

Servicios De Las Carmen

PO Box 767

East Orange, NJ 07019



Concerns since last visit:

Child A can now use two more phrases.  Child A can say mine and oh yeah.  This one year child is beginning to talk.


We will work on the goal:

Child A will increase her vocabulary to 10+ with an appropriate intention such as to make request such as to comment, protest, or identify a need or want.

  1. Play can you find… an green block, red ring etc…
  2. Sing nursery rhymes with Child
  3. Story time with repetitive books with predictable plots.



Do you have anything that you would like to work on?

Family would like to build on Child A’s vocabulary.



Reflections /or concerns with today’s session?

Child A played a game of can you find. Child A was able to find different colors and pictures on blocks.  This proves that Child A is improving in receptive language.   Child A can now request agua-water and made a connection to a picture of a cat with a real cat.   Concrete and an abstract connection was made.    Family involvement was noted and Child A now has 15 words and met the previous goal.  Goal will be revised.  Child A reads daily and sings daily during family time.   Child A has a substantial amount of books and nursery rhymes that they have been exposed to.  Continue to sing to Child A and read books.