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I believe that all individual can learn. I write books on different self- help topics such books for teachers, books for people to build confidence, and more. These books can be found on Amazon.com under the name C. S. Gonzalez (Carmen S. Gonzalez, MS.Ed.).

Some titles are-

Innocent Heart that Loves, The Smart Guide to Overcoming Depression, Miss Carmen’s Mind Mechanics, and more.

Servicios de las Carmen specializes in Education, Psychology, and Self-Help Strategies for social change that encourages enduring knowledge for all. We provide translation services in Spanish and English, online tutoring services for English Courses of all ages. Other subjects Special Education certified. All you need is access to a computer/web cam and a printer preferably an all in one. PayPal payment only accepted for all no exceptions. No freebies or refund sorry. All sales are final. However, you will be very satisfied with the results.

Payment must be received before you receive your product just like any other business. No freebies.

Tutoring: $75.00/hour

Translation- $55/+$3.00 per extra page

Ghost writing – $250.00/25 pages

Lesson Plans- $100/per subject for two weeks

Scholarly research papers 10 pages $150+ $10 per extra page

essays, etc: $55.00 for a 5 paragraph paper +$5.00 each additional page

resume only $25.00 w/headhunter services $50.00

Business Cards:. 50 business cards for only $50.00

Virtual Assistant:  $150/week flat fee

INS Research/phone calls:  $500.00

Do you need a self help consultation?

Self help by email only no calls please… $25.00 per response.

Spiritual House Cleansing-  for more information send an email.


Carmen S. Gonzalez, MS.Ed.

Paypal accepted:

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Servicios De Las Carmen


send an email to serviciosdelascarmen@gmail.com

Bilingual Spanish and English



Servicios De Las Carmen, LLC is in business to provide complete customer satisfaction. Being in the business of teaching for many years we believe that all students can learn. All learning will be accommodated and modified as appropriate.

Are you in need of meeting a deadline for a writing project ? No problem. Servicios De Las Carmen, LLC is there to meet your needs in no time.

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