How to handle feeling under the weather… sick

  1. stay home
  2. go to the doctor
  3. get some sleep
  4. stay hydrated
  5. follow doctor’s orders
  6. eat some food or try
  7. take a break from normal routine
  8. reprogram thinking and body at home
  9. minimize stressors
  10. do your favorite hobby


Sometimes this just means your body needs a break.  Take care of yourself.

Fall Forward

Like the many inventors in this world,
Like the many people with the wildest ideas that come to life,
Fall Forward
If everything and everyone in this world were a replica, it would be a boring place.
Fall Forward and accept that change starts with us.
By giving time, treasures, patience, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor but strive to take off and excell by Falling Forward in your own way.
My interpretation of Denzel Washington’s motivational speech 2019

I understand that this is a post that is not directly related to early intervention, but it transcends across any discipline.