What if Humpty Scenario

If you could make Humpty Dumpty feel immortal how would you do it?


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Next week Thursday is Thanksgiving. We may not have much but be thankful for what you have done this year and for family chosen or not.

I’m thankful for the sincerely loving people in my life. The selflessness that I feel around them is incredible. Some people are chosen in our lives and others we are born into. I’m thankful for the reciprocal love.

Sometimes when we are young we do not have values that are becoming to the next generation. Be thankful that you were guided once upon a time. Sometimes we become defensive but who are we to hold back freedom of the press and expression.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to do what I can to influence my reader to help themselves. What are you thankful for?

Charitable Donations

Donations will go towards education. Thank you for your donation and your time.




Vote or Regress – English and Spanish

Vote or regress to the past.  There was once a time when people were considered 3/5 of a vote or person.  If you exercise your right to vote we are sending the White House a message.

To come from a time where everyone was out voting to a time where we just let things happen in NJ as is for not coming out to vote is insanity. Consider the pros and cons of both sides of democracy and take your pick but don’t just stay idle.  Next Tuesday is election day and I am not giving up on Democracy.

Vote or regress to the past is all I have to say.

I can honestly say that Democracy cares about certain issues.  However, education still needs a lot of help.  Please Donate to this charitable cause.  Donations will go towards materials for education, adaptive technology, etc..




Vote o regrese al pasado.  Hubo una vez un tiempo en que las personas eran consideradas 3/5 de un voto o de una persona.  Si ejerce su derecho de voto estamos enviando a la casa blanca un mensaje.  

Venir de un momento en el que todo el mundo estaba votando a un momento en el que simplemente dejar que las cosas sucedan en NJ como es por no salir a votar es la locura. Considere los pros y los contras de ambos lados de la democracia y tome su selección, pero no sólo mantenerse inactivo.  El próximo martes es día de las elecciones y no voy a renunciar a la democracia.

Votar o retroceder al pasado es todo lo que tengo que decir.  

Honestamente puedo decir que la democracia se preocupa por ciertos temas.  Sin embargo, la educación todavía necesita mucha ayuda.  Por favor donen a esta causa caritativa.  Las donaciones se dirigirán hacia materiales para la educación, tecnología adaptativa, etc.



Charitable Donations

Donations will go towards education. Thank you for your donation and your time.


How to acknowledge change…

There are times when you have to change or reinvent yourself on the spot. I can remember learning this years ago.

  • Things we put into our body.
  • Things we put on our body.
  • Our lifestyle changes.
  • Habits
  • Ethics

These are some of the factors that make us who we are.

Today as I taught Chicken Little I learned that some people can learn to like stories like this. Not everyone is a fairytale fan which is different, but not surprising. Look at the shows that many are forced to let little people watch.

Singing it worked, but it was so long that after singing it three times I need to rest my voice. Great story but not everyone is a musical learner. I discovered so many talents and ways to interpret the story.

For this reason reading becomes more important than ever.


Charitable Donations

Donations will go towards education. Thank you for your donation and your time.