Mediocrity is not good enough…

When one door closes, you will open up a better one. These are the words of my father years ago. He never lied, because I am definitely happier than I have ever been about my career choice.

Never cry over something unless someone you love is sick and on their last string. Once they are gone it’s too late. You should have cried when you had them in your life, because now it’s too late.

Never halfway do something, but complete your mission. If you have helped one person then you have accomplished your goal. Today I will remain focused on my goals. My goal is to do my job all the way without halfway doing anything. I don’t believe in mediocre. I never did for it is not good enough.

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It’s amazing how much further apart distance will make your heart feel. However, establishing adoration in the beginning can set a beautiful stage. Distance can help you see true colors.

No one will ever know and feel the pain of losing a loved one and witness abandonment more than an ostracized individual. An ostracized individual often looks for love in all the wrong places when love is looking at them right there. Distance can make one search in the most temporarily silliest places.

At the same time distance can make one keep those they love closer and make visits not ever disappear due to a sincere heartfelt moment. This time it attracts you more than ever where you build a life long bond. Distance can make such precious moments last a lifetime.

Distance is neither good nor bad. It is actually an awakening moment. It is a time that one takes to evaluate their relationship.

Distance is something that is necessary to help you realize whether or not the relationship is worth fighting for. Missing a loved one can lead to a beautiful fairy tale ending. This is a hope for many.

Establishing A Renewed Value System….

It is unfortunate when one feels like they know someone like an open book only to discover that the real reason there is no progress has nothing to do with you.

  • Spend more time with yourself.
  • Make yourself feel beautiful again.
  • Cut off all media and see that what is on TV is a sick facade of unhappy individuals looking for self love
  • Let people come back to you for a change and shower you with things with or without a baby shower or wedding.
  • Try to give yourself more than you have been getting back from the world by treating yourself often.
  • Learn to keep something sacred.
  • Seek a higher power
  • Only then will true aesthetics be felt.
  • You can never be untrue to yourself, even when the world forsakes you.

When Sleep Becomes Difficult All of a Sudden… There is a technical term but let’s avoid labels. No one is perfect.

Action Plan before things break down…

  1. Turn on the Air purifier and the AC.
  2. Light incense.
  3. Turn on soft music without lyrics
  4. Cover all light producing things or turn off
  5. Write a letter that is not meant to be sent.
  6. Drink milk, water, or decaffeinated tea
  7. Take a day off because of stress or start day later if your job allows it.
  8. Read a good book
  9. Change your sleep location or take another shower
  10. Exercise as a last resort
  11. If there are any left call a friend or loved one. If you are a loner then try to become an online extrovert by blogging or vlogging it out.
  12. Work out your problem with a higher power. Let go and let God handle it.

How to Move on the correct way

Moving on has something in common…

1. Check your past by saying goodbye with a simple it’s over no matter how much it hurts the other person.

2. Block all contact

3. Restraining order if stalking persists.

It does not matter if you are were not happy then second chances do not help. Learn to move on. If nothing ever ignited in terms of a long term commitment or you were sharing then where is the self esteem. Bye bye means bye bye not see you later or maybe there is hope.

Here is a story about a woman who got tired, but fought for her happy ending.

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