Tantrums not for life

Imagine being in a situation where you can not express yourself. Then imagine seeing a sick close relative as your muse. This is the case when there are two siblings in a home and one has an expressive language condition while the other has a receptive language disorder. The two issues are like hot and cold while trying to fuse them into a warm situation.

Tantrums may occur often as they don’t understand each other but through ways only they can. Some fight while others completely ignore their existence.

How do you teach sharing and caring?

To learn more about issues pertaining to tantrums and language.

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Professional Development

I am currently working on another book for professional development purposes and my career as a Special Educator. As a Special Educator one wears many hats. It is important to meet families where they are. It may seem cliche but at times seeing it from another form is important. Watch out for my new book coming soon to Amazon or your favorite bookstore.