Breaking Old Habits

Dear Novice Self,

Breaking old spending habits can be very difficult. If we continue to take it like a joke it is like getting no where. Although it may help, it does not take a lot to figure out that spending is a learned behavior.

Relearn how to process spending habits by identifying your spending triggers. Do not be an enabler and learn to pop back with the answer is no. Do not be willing to spend unless it threatens a need: food, water, shelter.

Progress has been ok, but what happens when you need a little help. Well realize that all you have is one individual at the end of the day that remains nameless. So you are doing a great job by keeping it really tight in terms of your circle.

When was the last time that you actually donated to a cause. It can be any cause in terms of monetary causes, time with whomever, or what ever you consider charitable. I’m not trying to be intricate, but charity is a need, and as long as it does come back in a good way that can be seen then why not go for it and ride it out.

Although it may sound dysfunctional, these stories are a more extreme form of charity. The more charity you give, the more these characters had to fight for dignity and respect to keep their identity. Eventually even the Cookie Jar had to get stopped from getting raided. A human metamorphosis formed, but not without a fight. Enough is enough. These are just a few bad habits that we do not think about as being bad habits. It is not ok, to accept a sour relationship with anything or anyone. Whether it is money or an individual. Learn to not get eaten alive in this crazy world and balance charity with a life that doesn’t have you coming in last.



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