Word of the day: disparate

Be disparate or essentially different in kind.  I will be disparate throughout my day and change my routine.

TLWBAT recognize a disparate way to treat their acquaintances they meet along the way by showing an act of kindness:

Once upon a time,  there was an individual that preferred to only be recognized as a symbol as a disparate way to show they liked themselves.  This individual was walking and living a very innocent life, until they became an infidel in their own way.  All they wanted to show love, but the truth was that they did not love in return.

One day this individual realized that they had to show a disparate way to spread love.  So they gave a donation to show an act of kindness.  They gave up something that was called time and appreciation.

Do you like yourself?  What do you like the most? What can you share with another individual about yourself?


I will share a donation of my time with about 7 individuals today outside of work/during work.  How about you?


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