Human Metamorphosis Journey

TLWBAT know what it means to grow in a state of human metamorphosis by reading the book by C.S. Gonzalez.

“It’s not until you can finally find happiness that those around you try to suck it away like a vamp.  Imagine a world whereby you felt like a caterpillar and you knew that there was more out there in the world.  You meet new friends, you finally begin to date after you give yourself a makeover.  You have everything at your mercy, but you are still unhappy.  Some people even find that they are like loners in this cold world” (C.S.Gonzalez, The Human Metamorphosis, 2017).

As we grow as an individuals, there are domains that grow subconsciously.  Some say that we should go with the flow.  However in this material world, we can be affected by anything.  The question is how can we grow as a social butterfly that can function with stability.

The book called, “The Human Metamorphosis” by C.S. Gonzalez, will examine the social science side of human metamorphosis, and how to transform in a transparent manner without hurting an individual that you love in the process.    By improving the domains described in the book, then you will ensure that you will grow into a complete social butterfly.  Imagine a life where everything were at your reach in terms of becoming a socialite, because your self-esteem becomes enhanced.

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