Personal Challenge- August

My apartment has been suffering because I have not been feeling my best. Most say it is all in my head but I know the truth. My challenge for the rest of the month of August will be to go back to leaving my apartment so clean that you can literally eat off the floor again.

I wish I could take pictures but to be honest it would not help. I even tried video. My work is not the problem it’s my environment and the space where I live.

I am willing to sell whatever I can, but I don’t want to just give it away. I have tons of books, clothes, coats, that I am willing to part from. I also have exercise equipment. I can give you bags of goodies like clothes and books for about $125.00/set of 20 pieces. Let me dress you up or give your library a jump start.

Update … Problem has been resolved.  I feel a lot better.  Sleep has improved as a result.

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