Simplicity Regimen

This week, I decided to keep it extra simple. I rollerset my hair and wrapped it with minimal products. My hair is loving me for it, because it looks a lot thicker. I have been using JBCO for over three months. I use it when it starts to get cold.

However, today in Essex County, NJ it is going up to about 50 degrees. Still bundle up a little to avoid the sniffles. I may wear a hat and a light jacket for outer wear, but the great thing is that skullies in the winter is an option for a day like today. I will be sure to wear my hat with a scarf under it, to avoid pulling between the cotton.

My biggest setback is when I decide that I want to put my fingers through my hair. I will practice hands off the tresses today. Touch no more than 2 times and that is it. This will minimize the frizz.

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